How to search information in a PDF

How to search for information in a PDF file fast with AskDocs

Learn how to search for information in a PDF file faster and save precious time with AskDocs!

Apr 9, 2024

Alexandra Ceambur

Tired of spending hours searching for bits of information in PDF documents? What if I told you there’s an easier way that can save you time? In this post, I'll walk you through using AI tools to extract information from PDFs in seconds. So, if you're a student, researcher, business owner, or anyone in between, it's time to upgrade your search game!

Start searching documents smarter with ChatDocs!

The latest revolution in document search is chatting with them. Literally. You can ask questions and AskDocs will give you instant replies with the information you request in seconds. It's so easy, you have to try it to believe it.

How to Search for Information in PDF with AskDocs

AskDocs helps you simplify the process of extracting information from PDF files by utilizing AI-powered algorithms. Instead of spending hours reading and searching for answers, all you have to do is chat with AskDocs. Let me walk you through the 3-step process below. 

3 Steps To Search Information in a PDF Document:

Step 1: Log into AskDocs

Start by creating a free AskDocs account and log in. 

  • Go to

  • Click on the “Just AskDocs Today” button

  • Log into AskDocs with your email and password

How to log into AskDocs for PDF chat

Step 2: Upload your PDF file 

Next, upload the PDF file you want to extract information from into AskDocs:

  • Drag and drop a file into the “Chat with Document” area

  • Or, click on the “Add file” button from the menu on the left

PDF upload home screen

Tip: Besides PDF, you can upload files in the following formats:

  • DOCX

  • TXT

  • CSV 

  • EPUB

  • And scanned files

Step 3: Start asking questions and get answers

Write questions into the search bar and press “Enter”.

PDF Question and Answers prompt input

Q: What questions can I ask in AskDocs?

A: You can ask for a specific keyword, phrase, or topic and AskDocs will swiftly scan the document and retrieve relevant information.

Here’s an example of a Chat with AskDocs:

I uploaded the PDF file “Guide to Running Facebook Ads” into AskDocs and asked the following 3 questions. Overall, I was quite impressed by how easy it was to chat with AskDocs and retrieve precisely the information I sought from the PDF file.

Q1: “How to get started running Facebook ads

Result: AskDocs extracted the instructions on how to set up a Facebook ads account from the file.

PDF Question and Answers example 1

Q2: “How many types of ads can I run on Facebook

Result: AskDocs summarised the top 3 types of ads from the file

PDF Question and Answers example 2

Q3: “Can I use credit card (payment method)?” 

AskDocs answered: Yes, and elaborated further.

PDF Question and Answers example 3

Who Should Use AskDocs?

AskDocs is a versatile tool that can be useful to a wide range of users, including:

  • Students: Find answers from books, and get help with writing summaries, and assignment papers.

  • Researchers: Quickly access relevant information, get citations from journals, and summarise data from reports for your research projects.

  • Marketers: Extract insights from market reports, surveys, and industry publications.

  • Business owners: Make faster and better decisions by extracting financial data from reports, statements, and analyses.

  • Anyone too busy to read a lengthy PDF file and wants to extract information fast.


Searching for information in PDF files doesn't have to be a tedious task. With AskDocs, you can use the power of AI to search through documents quickly and efficiently. Whether you're a student, researcher, marketer, or business professional, AskDocs can help you save time. 

Remember, time is precious. So, why waste it? 

Try AskDocs today and start searching smarter!

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